Battery Safety Tips

February 28, 2019

Battery Safety Tips

As you've seen in the news, Vape batteries can be extremely dangerous if handled poorly. Here are some helpful tips from Vapester to keep you safe.

1) Get Advice

Each battery has an ideal performance ratio. High "mah" may not be the best option for your device. So its important to reach out online and visit your local vape shop to talk about matching your device to an appropriate battery. For those interested in doing more research Mooch conducts and post regularly on battery performances. 

2) Wrap Up

This is super important. The battery wrap helps insulate the battery and maintain the integrity of the cell. Battery wrap replacements are super cheap and most vape shops would be happy to wrap your battery for free so really you have no excuses. Here is a simple video on re-wrapping your battery.

3) Charging

Get a battery charger. It will save you time and help ensure your batteries get an even regular charge which then can help it last longer. Reckless charging of your battery can kill it so don't leave your battery charging unattended either. Check on it regularly, my batteries are usually charged within 4 hours. As our batteries age, they will take longer to charger so this time can vary. Check out our post of battery chargers if your after more information on them 

 Battery charger Vapester

4)Don't Full Drain

Lithium ion batteries are not the same as your AA's. They prefer not to be drain absolutely flat before being recharged so we highly recommend you get 2 and swap between them once its down to 1/3 or 1/4 battery life. This will help prolong your battery life considerably. 

5) Replace/Recycle

As your battery ages it will start to loose charge. Soon it will come to a point where it may not last for an hour after charge which is a good sign its due for replacement. Always remember to dispose of your old batteries responsible at e-waste stations or battery recycle plants. 

 litium ion battery vape local shop guide



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