Creative Date Ideas For Couples

February 14, 2019 1 Comment

Valentine's vapester

Creative Date Ideas For Valentines Day

Dating is so simple when you first start right. Good banter and some food can go a long way. However over the years you learn that keeping things creative, fun and exciting is key to staying happy together. No one wants to eat that stale bread right. So here's a collection of creative date Ideas to help you keep that fire lit. 

1. Go Stargazing

vapester star gazing

This one is our favourite date nights to date. Pick up a bottle of wine, some pillows, a mat and find a quiet spot for some late night cuddles under the Stars. 

2. Adult Boardgame Night

vapester adult board games

This one's perfect for couples starting to explore their sexual relationship. Head out to your local Peaches and Cream together and pick up a board game that you both like. Then pick up some liquid encouragement and head home for some awesome date night fun. You could try an App too. 

3. Do an Art/DIY Day Project

string art valentines

We love the Bohemian vibe here at Vapester and so have found a simple Art Project makes one of the most memorable date nights. Do try to keep it to "a day" project. Alternatively if its hard for the Man to jump on board with this one, try and pick a DIY project instead like painting a room together. 

4. Be a local Tourist

local tourist vapester

We're going to go on a long shot here and say usually either you or your partner are not from the same neighbourhood. It can be incredibly fun and engaging to be a local tourist guide for the day. Take them to all those "cool" spots you used to hangout with your friends at and build a deep bond getting to know each other. 

5. Check out a Live Music Gig

love music vape

Sometimes music can literally speak to our souls. A beautiful song can draw 2 people together like nothing else so jump on eventfinder and look for a band playing in your area, get some tickets (FREE is perfect) and enjoy a fun filled night with your lover. If the music sucks, trust me it will still be very entertaining.

6. Take classes together

dance class vape

This one does take a bit of planning however the rewards will be off the charts. Seriously. Pick a class you both can enjoy, if its not dancing then pottery, yoga, meditation and the list goes on. Sometimes although you spend soo much time together you just aren't connecting. Taking classes together creates the perfect environment to connect mind, body and soul. 

7. Nude Photo-shoot Night

sexual vape

Yes that's right. Everyone we've ever met has body image issues and It can be really hard and awkward to talk about it with your partner. This creates the perfect framework to shed those layers and explore each others beauty. For the confident this will be a breeze, for everyone else some liquid encouragement and candles will help set the mood. Let the rest fall in place, keep it light, sexual and most importantly FUN.  

8. Giveback together

give support

There is something special about giving back to your community right? Can you imagine how beautiful it can be sharing that experience with your partner. Keep it simple like handing out food to the homeless or volunteering at your local centre. Spread the love, so you can receive more.  

9. Take each other Thrift shopping

thriftshop vape

It can be SUPER FUN to play dress-up your partner in crime. So set a budget and head out to your local OP Shop for some good laughs. Remember the aim is to play dress up so try lots of stuff and take your time. Enjoy the moments. 

10. Arcade Games Day

arcade games date night

Get some coins and your trash talking up on point then head out to your local Arcade games spot for some guaranteed laughs reliving those childhood times. Sneak in a flask if your brave enough. Remember to keep it flirty, A little competition is perfect to keep that sexual tension alive. 


That is all we've got Vapester's for now. We hope this has helped plant some beautiful ideas that will blossom in the near future. Happy Valentine's Day from everyone here at VapesterNZ. 

Lots of Love. 

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February 26, 2019

Some pretty sweet ideas there mate!!! 👌🏽

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