Vaping and Flying, What You Need to Know!

October 18, 2017

Vaping and Flying, What You Need to Know!

Vaping and Flying, What You Need to Know!


Before you set off on your next holiday or business trip, it’s important that you read this guide on vaping and flying with your vape gear!


We all need to travel at one time or another, whether it’s for business or pleasure it doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that we need to take our vape gear and e-liquid with us. Unless you plan on buying a new vaporizer when you land, it’s important that you know how to correctly pack your vaping gear and e-liquid.


Nowadays, most airports and airport security personnel are used to seeing and handling vaporizers. For the most part, they won’t even bat an eyelid, but you can make it easier. The most important thing to check is if vaping is legal in whatever country you plan on traveling to, or through. Some countries have strict laws which they enforce, while others, while not promoting vaping, don’t enforce any of their laws.


Before you leave for the airport you’ll need a few things:

  • Clear plastic resealable sandwich bags
  • Hard plastic battery case
  • Tissues or paper towel


It’s important that you don’t try and travel with a tank full of e-liquid. It’s just a recipe for a mess and a waste of good e-liquid. Keep the tank on your vaporizer as low as possible. Also, remember you can only carry a certain amount of any liquid in your carry-on bag. The rest will need to be checked into your checked luggage.


Before heading through security, remove the batteries or battery from your mod or vaporizer. Place the batteries into the hard case battery container. This will help prevent your mod or vaporizer from accidentally firing during your flight. Remove your tank or atomizer and place it into one of the sealable sandwich bags along with some tissue. The tissue will help absorb the e-liquid after it’s forced out of the tank as the plane pressurizers during takeoff and landing.


Place your mod and batteries into the other plastic bag. When you go through security, remove both bags and place them onto the tray with any other items. You should breeze through security and be all set to take off. Remember, it’s against the law to vape in airports and on airplanes, unless otherwise signed. Happy vaping!


Written by: benjohnson19811

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