Vaprofi Grand Reserve - Whats it Like?

June 06, 2016 1 Comment

Vaprofi Grand Reserve - Whats it Like?

Hello and Welcome to Vapester,

We taught the best way to kick of our blog post would be to talk about the Vaporfi Grand Reserve Range that has been the talk of the internet.

So with that lets get right into it:

Catch ya Latte - First of it vapes really well. Good clouds. Does it taste like coffee? - I would say yes, but only to a degree like a mild coffee. If your an espresso drinker like myself this doesn't meet the expectation of a coffee bean. Having said that, it does take on a caramel coffee flavour that is very enjoyable and easy to vape all day. To top it off, it doesn't leave a chemical flavour that some of the other brands tend to do.

Meringue O Tang - This is such an enjoyable flavor. To me it tastes like a sweet ginger syrup that leaves a little leftover on your lips. It vapes really well with nice thick clouds. This too i have vaped all day easily however the flavor is not intense at all and therefore can easily be lost once your hitting it regularly.

Pineapple Pow - Another well developed flavor by Vaporfi. Mild and cultured for an all day vape, this flavor has dept and layers that breakdown so well when we fine tuned the temperature and wattage on our mod. Vaporfi have really done some work with this one, the floral nature of the liquid comes through so well that it leaves you wondering how did they've done it. 


Could Candy: Lots of cloud from this sucker. Taste like cotton candy goodness.

Island Frost: Man, its like all the range vape really well. Heaps of clouds on this one as well. Taste like your having an island cocktail. One puff of this took me straight away to feeling like I was chilling on the beach.

Rainbow Custard: This one didn't really standout for me. Taste like a sweet sugary cocktail with lots of fruits mixed in. 

So thats the Vaporfi Grand Reserve range from my taste buds. If I had to pick one, it would definitely be the Catch You Latte hands down. 

Lots of Love,


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