Artist Collection : Big, Bold & Beautiful

Artist Collection : Big, Bold & Beautiful

The team here at Vapester attended the South Auckland Vape Event in Papakura last Sunday and we were not disappointed!  The vibes were great, company even better and not to mention the mods on show.  An assortment of e-liquids were being shared with laughs and guesses as to whose was the tastiest.

At Vapester, we think we might have found our own winner.  Lads and ladies, I present to you, the Artist Collection E-Liquids! 

The sample pack comes with 5 distinct flavour combinations, each with their own buzzy feel. Ranging from citrus to honeydew, this pack's got you covered no matter what you're into.  Each flavour profile has been created by a world top flavour artist.

Hedon's Bite by George of Mr Good Vape

The perfect balance of sweet, sour and tart notes creates an aromatic, crisp otherworldly apple. Coat with deep, earthy caramel for a blast of flavor: vital, juicy, fresh and irresistible. Finish with ripe melon that resolves on a cliffhanger, ready to dive in for more. 

Rating: 4/5

Paramour by Daniel of Flavorz

Paramour is a warm hug of sunshine on a cool breezy day. With bright top notes of pear and peach, softened by the embrace of rich, creamy vanilla and smooth custard. A touch of nutty cinnamon rounds the edges for a flavor that feels like home.  If you like your liquids to have a lasting sweet aftertaste, look no further, you've found the perfect fit.  (My current favourite; can't put it down!)

Rating: 10/5 because it's just that good

Dragonscape by Randy of P.O.E.T

A truly unique flavor expression, Dragonscape is at once transcendent and surprisingly sessionable. Earthy and smooth, it hints at an exotic blend of Indian spices and Asian teas within a creamy custard of Belgian café and Madagascar vanilla.  It was quite a complex flavour and we aren't so sure what was going on but it was quite pleasant.

Rating: 3/5

Sacré Coeur by Anne-Claire of Vaponaute

Robust yet delicate, complex yet simple, Sacré Coeur begins with a buttery, savory almond torte layered with ambrosial notes of wild field berries and subdued rhubarb. Subtleties then emerge – a hint of aromatic vanilla and a touch of earthy bourbon - the purest possible expression of pleasure.  Think strawberries and cream with a freshly poured glass of Maker's Mark.  Yup, that about hits the spot.

Rating: 4/5

Samba Sun by Jeremy of Good Life Vapor

Bright and über-refreshing like a cold drink poolside on a hot day, Samba Sun greets with sweet, succulent clementine, morphing quickly to airy yet creamy marshmallow before settling into a burst of perfect ripe peach.  The perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee to get you up and at em! #freshup

Rating: 5/5


We liked them so much we've ordered a new shipment in for you guys so you can share in the taste of exquisite artisan vape.  This takes vaping to a whole new level.  Ladies get your heels on, boys get those ties straightened cos this shit's elegance and taste all in one great package.

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